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 Dust Collectors
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Why You Should Consider Our Dust Collectors 

 Our Dust Collectors are Australian made by us and consist of the following Australian made items.

  • Fans – Silencer and lagging if required

  • Filter bags and cages

  • Tyco – Reverse Pulse Cleaning System

  • Dust Collectors made in our factory to suit your specific site requirements

  • 3mm to 5mm mild steel fully welded construction c/w abrasive blasting finish prior to final finish in 2 Pack epoxy to our colour “Claret” or your preference.

  • Galvanised access platform on header side of Dust Collector for valve/header maintenance. 

Advantages of Austedan Fabrications Reverse Pulse Dust Collectors 

  • All systems built with large inbuilt central pre-separation chamber which aids filter life and means dust is distributed into multiply hoppers evenly. The pre-separation chamber is a low velocity central part of our dust collector where gravity and a very low downdraft velocity forces heavier particles and high dust load to be dropped out of the airstream when the air turns twice before coming into the filter area.  This reduces the dust load onto the filter bags thus making the cleaning system more efficient increasing the life of the filter bag. Over 9 years of building dust collectors we have never had a dust collector bag fail by premature wear or large foreign items imploding into our bags.  In some cases extending life by 5-6 years over some of our oppositions collectors.

  • We offer conservative air to cloth ratios and fabric selection for maximum capture of pollutants which in turn gives longer bag life, lower running costs and better emissions.

  • Our filter bags have snaptex cuffs which require no tools to replace our filter bag and are accessible from within the plenum above, which means “No Confined Space Work” or permits are needed for filter bag changes.  This is also a safer and cleaner operation than dust collectors which have the filter bags changed from within the dirty area.

  • Our systems work under negative pressure where the fan is on the clean side which means no product or waste ever goes through our fan impellors, which in turn will never go out of balance, wear out prematurely or get broken impellors.

  • Our dust collectors never leech dust out of the joins and seals as they are not light gauge sheetmetal bolted together units under positive pressure where as the dust load on the filter bag increases adds additional pressure and vibration on all joins and seals resulting in premature failure of the dust collector at the seams.

  • Our Hopper angles are designed to help prevent against product hang-up and are minimum of 60° UNA.

  • Inclined tops on our Dust Collectors prevent water lying on top thus reducing premature corrosion.

  • All Collectors are abrasive blasted before being painted by industrial painters in 2 Pak epoxy paint.

  • We offer full design, fabrication, installation and after sales service to suit all customers specific requirements.

Made to suit customer specific applications covering:

  • Location issues

  • Nature of dusts

  • All waste dust discharge applications catered for.

  • Several waste bin options available - see OPTIONS


Side view showing dust path & advantages of Central Pre-separation designed into all of our Dust Collectors

Other applications we specialise in include 

  • Existing system upgrades

  • Design and consultations

  • Downdraft Tables

  • Backdraft Tables

  • Industrial Powered Roof Ventilators

  • Duct design, installation including special hoods

  • Weld, Fume and Oil Mist Systems

  • Cyclonic pre-separation



View below 4 Hopper Dust Collector


View below 2 Hopper Dust Collector



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Last modified: 19-Nov-2009