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 Downdraft Tables
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We have recently designed and fabricated a traveling top sweep extraction hood to suit out tables - this gives the ability to clean the top of sanding jobs without blowing the dust everywhere.  The top sweep travels over sanding job removing dust from the surface and grooves which is then extracted directly into a waste bin via a dust collection unit


Top working area consist of specially designed and routered craftwood c/w non-slip matting so as to grip jobs and allow good extraction to breath through the soft top material




In most cases on larger flat jobs the down draft is able to hold down the material for router/sanding purposes with no need for clamps as long as the recommended amount of extracted air is supplied to each table




Model No# Size Minimum Volume of Air Exhaust Duct Size Approximate Velocity
AF-ADD-25 0.5 x 0.50 900m3h 120 22m/sec
AF-BDD-36 0.6 x 0.60 1,295m3h 140 23m/sec
AF-CDD-72 1.2 x 0.60 2,592m3h 200 23m/sec
AF-DDD-112 1.5 x 0.75 4,050m3h 250 23m/sec
AF-EDD-162 1.8 x 0.90 5,832m3h 300 23m/sec
AF-FDD-200 2.0 x 1.00 7,200m3h 325 24m/sec
AF-GDD-288 2.4 x 1.20 10,368m3h 400 23m/sec

Other sizes can be made to suit - please call for details  


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Last modified: 19-Nov-2009